Can Counseling Help A Child Through Divorce?

Divorce is a common amongst families today, but it still doesn’t make the process any less painful—especially for children. Unlike adults who have a clear understanding of what comes with divorce, children are often left feeling confused and conflicted.

During this time, children must get proper attention to help them through this difficult period. Unfortunately, even the most attentive and empathetic parents have a hard time with giving their child the sort of support they need.

Family counseling for parents and children during a separation can help ease the emotional turmoil that everyone is experiencing. In fact, in half the counties in the US, counseling for children is a legal requirement.

Child Counseling – Helping Your Kids Understand

Children often feel like they’re at odds with their parents, but a divorce can push them apart unless the issues between them are resolved. Usually, children don’t agree with their parents’ decision to separate; they feel like their family is breaking apart and that they may be losing a parent. Their anxiety regarding the divorce causes them to panic.

Many children feel neglected during a separation, which is why parents must make an effort to keep them in the loop at all times. Choosing to stay in a bad marriage just for the sake of your children isn’t healthy; however, you do need to help your kids understand why ending the marriage is best for everyone in the long-run.

Image showing child and family counseling

How a Counselor Can Help

A counselor is essentially an advocate for the children during a divorce. They listen to children, earn their trust and get them to open up about their feelings. They also play the role of a coach for the parents by sharing what their kids are going through. The counselor provides advice on how to support their kids during the messy process.

Counselors offer perspective, assurance and clarity to children experiencing divorce. The counselor will ensure the kids that the divorce is not their fault (many kids tend to blame themselves), that they’ll still have both their parents in their lives and that the divorce will make their parents happier. Once kids understand these things, the separation process becomes much easier.

Counseling for Parents

It’s not only kids who need counseling during a divorce, parents can also benefit from therapy as they go through the divorce process. Counselors provide parents with support and help them process their emotions. Therapy can also teach family members conflict resolution and communication techniques that allow them to support one another during this difficult time.

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