• Children And Adolescents Counseling Services

    Children And Adolescents Counseling Services

    Child and family counseling in NY

    Many young adults and adolescents when experiencing a transitory phase, struggle to find the right avenues to channel their emotions in healthy ways. Therapy and counseling catered to individuals of this age can help them in a number of ways that can help them be in a better place emotionally.

    These include management for a range of emotions including anger, jealousy, depression, grief, anxiety and more. These help equip young adults with healthier coping mechanisms to navigate their way through whatever circumstances they might find themselves in. Learning how to deal with these emotions at this age helps prevent children to tackle stress in their everyday life. It also helps them be more emotionally stable in their adult life because a lesson learnt in therapy is never forgotten.

    They can also become better at solving their problems without creating dependency on other potentially dangerous coping mechanisms. With more efficient problem-solving skills they can deal with various social situations such as confronting a friend or speaking at a public event.

    It is very common for adolescents to experience discontent with their bodies, and this impacts their self-esteem and ability to love and accept themselves.

    Allowing them to gain confidence and working through their insecurities helps them be more accepting of their bodies and self-image. A little guidance can help them understand and appreciate their strengths which might lie their ability to empathize, be inquisitive, passionate, creative.

    Family counseling services

    We also work with families collectively to help mediate and work through some big life changes that can impact all members differently. With an emotionally secure setting, we work towards conflict resolution rather than shifting blame.

    We work on building a relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and compassion. We allow them space where we respect their values and help them hone their communication skills. Our relationship maintains complete confidentiality and we work together to achieving whatever goals you set for therapy.

    You can reach out to us for child and family counseling services in NY to find a safe space to express your emotions and resolve issues. For more information, contact us at 516-447-6611 or email me at jdpearce79@gmail.com.