• Family Counseling Services

    Family Counseling Services

    Family counseling services in NY

    While we may harbor close familial connections, it’s very common for communication problems to persist in even the strongest and most close-knit families. You may experience stressful times or persistent conflict in your family, which might be taking a toll on your mental health and wellbeing.

    Unexpected life events can warrant different reactions in all of us such as losing a loved one, a job, your childhood home, or even finding out a close family member has an illness. Sometimes, we are not equipped to deal with the plethora of feelings that come with such an event and it can lead to frequent personal conflicts. This can disrupt your normal life and take a toll on younger family members.

    We offer family counseling services to young couples, and families and offer support and guidance to work through their issues together. We work as a unit as we mediate and equip you with the skills and vocabulary to communicate your issues healthily. We work in cohesion while maintaining values that we all mutually agree on and can respect collectively.


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    We offer solution-based brief therapy to transition into a treatment plan which we can tailor according to your collective needs. While communication is the key to resolving issues that arise in close relationships, often we need to work on ourselves individually to work together. Our treatment approach is based on a foundation of play therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy that help you learn and apply certain skills.

    This includes managing emotions together and getting to the core of the barriers in your relationships. We learn to practice active listening to our loved ones and empathize. By understanding where your family members are coming from, we can work to recreate intimate bonds. It can also be beneficial to target any dysfunctional and unacknowledged problematic behavior that may be plaguing your family.

    We are family therapists in NY and offer family counseling services that take a holistic approach for your collective mental health and wellbeing. For more information, contact us at 516-447-6611 or email me at jdpearce79@gmail.com.