• Group Counseling Services

    Group Counseling Services

    Group Counseling With Likeminded People

    This is a kind of psychotherapy where we work with a group of people at the same time. The group can consist of three to four people or even more and is fairly common in educational and rehabilitation facilities. We work together regularly and get to know each other and with time, we share our individual progress.

    We offer support to other members and create a community where we value trust, honesty, authenticity, confidentiality and respect for all individuals. We decide together what our course of action is and how we can collectively navigate through our issues.

    Some common reasons to seek group therapy and its many benefits include:

    • Finding a support group and family like support which some of us lack.
    • It can help you learn from other people’s experience and find or become someone’s role model. Sometimes you might experience an issue or problem which others have been through and may have felt or reacted to in similar ways. To be able to relate to someone else or find someone who relates to you can validate your own experience.
    • It allows you to feel supported and safe at your most vulnerable as opposed to feeling isolated and lost after opening up deep emotional wounds.

    Group Counseling Services in NY

    We offer group counseling services for adolescents, young adults and individuals who are experiencing similar issues. Seeking therapy for the first time, or for a traumatic incident can be overwhelming, daunting and anxiety-inducing. Group counseling offers support and compassion as we work with you as a collective to work on various issues. This can include emotional and stress management, dealing with anxiety, fear, avoidance, working on building your self-confidence and esteem.

    It also helps you improve communication skills by listening and being able to vocalize your personal issues without feeling guilty about being a burden or feeling ashamed.

    If you feel you can benefit from the mutual support and compassion of being part of group therapy, we encourage you to take the first step for your emotional and mental wellness.

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