• Individual Counseling Services

    Individual Counseling Services

    One-on-one counseling and therapy

    Have you been struggling lately in everyday life? Are you experiencing a certain emptiness and feeling hopeless? Feelings of guilt, losing interest in your favorite hobbies, and feeling tired all the time or having trouble concentrating are all symptoms of depression. These vary for everyone and while some feel low, others might experience restlessness.

    Some feel like sleeping too much while others can’t sleep at all. Sometimes unresolved emotional issues also manifest into other physical symptoms such as persistent headaches, body ache and digestive disorders. Taking care of the mind and your emotional wellbeing is just as important and can help with other physical pain. Mental health is intermingled with other illnesses and living with chronic pain or any other illness can also trigger mental health issues like depression.

    Individual counseling services in NY

    Many of us may be living with a mental illness or disorder for too long but not be conscious of the impact it can take on our lives. When left untreated it can start to take a toll on your relationships, work-life balance and personal goals. It can deter you from having aspirations and ambitions and can alter your perspective of life.

    While we may have emotional support in close friends or family, professional counseling allows you to make use of a safe and judgment-free zone to express yourself. Whether you’ve been experiencing previously mentioned symptoms or are going through life-changing events such as death of a closed on, losing a friend or heart-break, it can help.

    We offer a personalized treatment approach to help clients with their individual needs. We have over two decades of experience as licensed mental health counselors. In our experience, we haven’t come across any issue which is too big or too small. Therapy can help you feel heard, validated and acknowledged, and we want to work with you to help you feel more empowered in your ability to resolve your own issues.

    We offer individual counseling services in NY for all kinds of clients. For more information, contact me at 516-447-6611 or email me at jdpearce79@gmail.com.