• Sean Vargas

    Therapist, LMHC

    Coordinates the Project Reset Program. He has worked in the social services profession for 23 years. Mr. Vargas earned a Bachelor in Psychology from St. John’s University in May 1997, a Masters in Psychology from Adelphi University in May 2003, licensure in Mental Health Counseling in Florida in 2016, and a Masters in Divinity from Nyack College in May 2019. Mr. Vargas has worked in various roles in the social services field including short and long-term adolescent facilities, outpatient centers, and community-based providers. Mr. Vargas has been employed at the Center for Court Innovation’s, Queens Community Justice Center for ten years where he currently works with court-involved youth, parents, and adults. Mr. Vargas’ mission has been to instill hope to those that are in need by empowering them to overcome obstacles and developing them to become resilient.