• Telemental Health Services

    Telemental Health Services

    Mental health counseling services in NY

    Statistics reveal that on average one in four adults aged 18 and over are diagnosed with a mental disorder within a year. Did you also know that mental health disorders such as clinical depression, manic depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and more are one of the leading causes of disability in the United States?

    These can occur simultaneously or individually and can impact our ability to carry out everyday tasks and realize our true potential as individuals. Seeking professional help such as counseling services can help us tackle our emotions and face mental health struggles that persist.

    We offer a range of counseling services for children, young adults, adolescents, families as well as group therapy. Through our personalized treatment approach, we aim to work with you to create a safe space that nurtures and supports you. Each client has individual needs and we ensure that we set boundaries together to make sure you can work towards your personal growth goals without violating them.

    Seeking telemental counseling services in NY

    For some of us, seeking professional counseling per se can be a source of anxiety. It can be daunting, but any step you take for the betterment of your health is commendable. We offer mental health counseling services over the phone, via online chat, video conference, and email.

    You can reach out to us during turbulent times to work through your issues when it gets overwhelming. We can help you with skills such as emotional management, stress management, problem-solving skills.

    We can help you learn better coping mechanisms to deal with your individual issues in your personal and professional life. Together we can find ways to ascertain a way to respond rather than react in a safe and supportive environment.

    Here are some of the benefits of telemental health counseling that can be useful to you.

    • It removes the barrier that obstructs us from seeking professional help for our mental health issues. You don’t have to make a personal appearance and can seek help as privately as you want.
    • It also makes counseling services and therapy more accessible for those who are unable to seek professional care.
    • You don’t have to wait long hours or weeks on end to secure an appointment for mental health care.

    To avail telemental health counseling in NY, you can reach out to us at 516-447-6611 or email me at jdpearce79@gmail.com.