• Winter Has Arrived! Follow These Fall Prevention Tips

    Winter can be a lovely time of year as the snow falls and blankets the ground and bare trees. But winter can also be a dangerous time for some, as icy steps and sidewalks can lead to more falls and broken bones. 

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that each year, approximately one million Americans injure themselves due to falls. No doubt many of these happen during winter. To prevent falls this winter season, follow these tips:

    Wear the Correct Footwear and Gloves

    Be sure that the shoes or boots you are wearing provide enough support and traction on slippery surfaces. Always check your boots’ and shoes’ soles to recognize if the solves have been worn down.

    Also, always wear gloves on frigid days so you can keep your hands out of your pockets to improve your balance and hold onto railings.

    Take Your Time

    In the winter, always give yourself extra time so you never have to rush. Taking smaller, slower steps is one of the most effective ways of preventing a fall.

    Use a Mobility Aid

    Older folks begin to lose their balance. Some might even lose sensation in their feet due to diabetes and other chronic health conditions. Using a mobility aid such as a walker or cane can help seniors reduce their risk of falling.

    Use a Deicer

    Be sure to use a deicer on your steps and sidewalks to prevent slips. If you or your neighbors have pets, there are deicers that are pet safe. 

    Stay Inside if Possible

    Of course, the best way to prevent falls due to inclement winter weather is to stay inside! Consider stocking up on food. Many stores also offer delivery services so you can stay put.

    Winter can be a great time of year. Just be sure to follow these tips so you can enjoy it safely.


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